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Posted: 07 Feb 2013 05:48 PM PST

Peter Bonaventure

The Minister Lucia Lobato, former minister of justice in the government of Xanana Gusmão I have been in prison for nearly two weeks because he was sentenced to five years behind bars for committing illegal practices that call (and well) KKN - corruption, collusion and nepotism.

Another former minister that I Xanana Gusmao government is accused of illegalities committed in process in the amount of at least two hundred thousand U.S. dollars. Gil da Costa Alves, former Minister of Tourism, Trade and Industry may well to second his fellow government Lucia Lobato. If that happens we can say that two former ministers are already in prison to pay with body the damage caused to the young country.


There are indications that a third candidate profiles payable body in prison who have committed illegalities. They point to former Finance Minister Xanana Gusmao, the former government, and even current Finance Minister of this government. From its name Emilia Pires. Corresponds to the reality that the outward signs of wealth that scandalized minister poverty and misery that exists in Timor-Leste. Only recently did the indignation of various aspects of civil society, political and military, because of a real palace built by the minister for his personal use. Talk in an expenditure of more than one million U.S. dollars. The palace is the counterpart of the thousand and one nights is factual.

So, not exactly because of that palace, which consists ... Emilia is indicted for a crime committed in probable loss of the Timorese state. Information that report come from good sources familiar with the process do appear once managed to incriminate the minister concerned may happen that the process grows and detected crimes are more serious than those that could now pave the way for Emily to also pay body in prison for abuse of power and dishonesty plausible that even more incriminating.

If that happens, Emilia Pires will be the number 3 of the Minister Xanana payable body in prison for their crimes. And the more, the government of Xanana cast will follow the path from prison to stay there to live?

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 03:01 PM PST

Tempo Semanal - Thursday, 07 February 2013

Iha tinan ruma liu ba kotuk atual Presidenti Taur Matan Ruak hakat Lore hodi vizita ninia belun bo'ot saudozu Koro Assu ninia familia inklui ninia Telu Koro ne'ebe toba hela iha hadak leten.Wainhira hakat tama ba uma laran katuas oan ne'e toba hela iha hadak leten hakilar hela tan ba ninia moras. Matan Ruak hakruuk tun besik ba ninia kolega nia pai hodi hasee no, "tiu, tiu, tiu." Maibe kuitadu tiu ne'ebe lakon sentidu ona nee lian la'ek rona maka hakilar tan ba moras ne'ebe nia hetan.

Depois tempu ruma tuur besik tiu Telu Koro ninia hadak Taur Matan Ruak mos hakat sai fali mai odamatan no liman los hatama ba bolsu hodi rasta sai ninia lensu hodi hamaran bee ne'ebe sulin husi ninia matan. Hakfodak tebes, tan eis komandante Falintil ne'e mos hatene tanis. Liu tiha minutu ruma ho lian hirus eis komandante gerileiru sira nian ne'e dehan, "la merese atu herois sira nia aman terus nafatin hanesan ne'e. Ida ne'e mo'e bo'ot tebes ba ita hotu," Ruak dehan ba ninia emar ida ne'ebe hamriik besik nia iha liman kuana.

Tebes inan barak ona to'o mate iha sabadu kotuk (02/02), Telu-Koro sofre moras. Ko'alia la di'ak. La’o la di'ak. Matan mós la haree ona. Loron kalan, Telu-Koro falun aan, toba de'it iha hadak leten. Tansa, aman husi Xanana nia membru koñesidu ne’e latan nafatin iha hadak leten no la hetan atensaun husi Estadu.

Terus ne’ebé Telu-Koro enfrenta, la’ós de'it iha tempu ukun aan. Iha tempu Indonézia, tan de'it nia oan na'in neen (6) inklui mós Armando Nolasco ‘Koro-Asu’, halai ba ai-laran.

Telu-Koro hetan konsekuénsia kaer husi militár Indonézia no hetan torturasaun bainhira hetan kastigu iha Atauru. Kondisaun ida ne’e, halo Paia-Rai, Telu-Koro nia kaben moras hela de'it. To’o ikus mate.

Iha tempu ukun aan agora, Telu-Koro loloos tama iha kategoria terseira idade. Ne’ebé, iha direitu para hetan ajuda subsídiu, hanesan mós ho katuas no ferik sira seluk. Mais, realidade akontese seluk.

Telu-Koro ho nia família, inklui mós Koro-Asu nia kaben, Maria Justina ‘Bilatu-Koro’ Monis, to’o agora se enfrenta moras, tanba hetan tiru husi militár Indonézia. Família ne’e kontinua moris simples, kiak no nunka hetan atensaun. Liu-liu, husi parte Saúde.

Ba Tempo Semanal iha Lospalos, kolega gerileiru (rekang se Perjuangan) Saudozu Koro-Asu, Taur Matan Ruak hateten, nia laran triste no dodok teb-tebes, bainhira hare kondisaun ne’ebe Saudozu Koro-Asu nia aman enfrenta.

“Ate agora ha’u la kumpriende tansa? Ita labele halo buat ruma ba katuas ida ne’e. ha’u premite no ha’u lori ha’u nia naran rasik no kolega sira hotu ne’ebe uluk ami la’o hamutuk no mos ba maluk sira seluk ne’ebe mate ona atu husu perdaun ba familia tomak” dehan Matan Ruak ho triste.

Nu’udar ema moris la ses husi sala. Maibe, ita iha determinasaun atu hadia no ita hein loron aban sei diak liu loron ohin.

Matan Ruak Hatutan, ita nia determinasaun no vontade hodi transforma buat ne’ebe at sai fali buat ne’ebe diak ba ita hotu, timor oan hotu, liu-liu ba familia erois sira. Maibe ohin seidau kuitadu tebes Telu Koro mate iha sabadu semana kotuk karik konsege duni hetan netik atensaun ruma husi estadu Timor Leste?  (**)

--Retratu ne'e hatudu saudozu Koro Assu ninia aman Telu Koro ne'ebe toba hela iha hadak oan ida nia leten iha ninia uma iha suku Lore - Photo Tempo Semanal

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ETLJB 06/02/2012 -  According to a report in the Timor Post published on 6 February 2013, the Public Prosecutor has accused the former Minister for Tourism, Commerce and Industry (MTCI) Gil da Costa Alves with the crime of fraud alleging he used US$195,000 of the political party, ASDT*, party funds for his personal benefit.

The proceedings are being presided over by the judicial panel comprised of Judges Jose Maria de Araujo, Duarte Tilman and Julio Gantes. The Public Prosecutor’s office is being represented by Prosecutor Jose Ximenes who has accused the former Minister Gil Alves of this crime during the time he assumed the position of Secretary General of the party at a time when the now-deceased ASDT President Francisco Xavier do Amaral was still alive.

After the former ASDT President passed away, the accused became entitled according to the party constitution to assume the post of President until an extraordinary party congress elected the new president.  Upon assuming the presidency on the 12th of April 2012, it is alleged that the accused sent a letter to the National Electoral Commission (CNE) directing it to transfer the campaign assistance funds ASDT was entitled to receive to an account opened by the accused and his group.

The CNE transferred the funds accordingly to the bank account in question, but in the time leading up to the ASDT party extraordinary congress held in Dare on 27-28 April, it is further alleged that the accused and others decided not to participate in the congress and authorised the transfer of the amount of US$195,000 from the account, and on 31 May 2012 continued to transfer funds from the party’s bank account held with the Indonesian bank Mandiri in the amount of US$45,000.

The accused persons had previously been notified by the Court of Appeal of its decision that the Extraordinary Congress that had been convened by the accused was not valid and that the deliberations of the Congress held in Dare on 27-28 April were valid and that Joao Correia was elected president of the party. However, the accused continued to ignore the court’s decision and allegedly withdrew the party’s funds from the bank account and used the funds for other purposes.

Based on the alleged facts, the Public Prosecutor charged several persons of the crime of fraud under article 267, line 4 of the Criminal Code.  Gil Alves chose to remain silent and let his lawyer speak for him after having heard the charges read out against him by the court, but one of the accused named Henrique decided he wanted to make representations on his own behalf to the court.

It is reported that Henrique said that some of the accusations were correct, but there were also many that were not, because the moneys had not been withdrawn to be used for private purposes but for party activities.

“We used this money to pay debts that had been incurred through party activities for over the previous year, and though we knew that the Court of Appeal decision had been made, our signatures remained on the accounts so we continued to withdraw money to pay for the party’s debts,” the accused declared to the Dili District Court on Tuesday 5 February 2013.

The accused Henrique added that although some of the money had been used to pay for party activities, they were able to hand over the remainder to the President of ASDT Joao Correia the amount of US$45,000.00 in cash, and US$5,000.00 credit balance that remained in the Party’s bank account. Original text in Tetum. Source: Timor Post 6/2/2013. Edited by Warren L. Wright 

*Editor's Note: Associação Social-Democratica Timorense (Timorese Social Democratic Association). Both the original ASDT of the 1970s (which became FRETILIN) and the current party of the same name were founded by first Timorese President Francisco Xavier do Amaral. ASDT lost its representation in the Parliament in the 2012 election.

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 11:43 AM PST

ETLJB 7 February 2013 - There haves been more disturbances at the East Timor-Indonesian border at Naktuka village in the border area of the East Timorese District of Oecusse.

Newspaper Suara Timor-Lorosae reported on 1 February 2013 remarks by the Bene Ufe village chief, Simao de Carvalho that an unknown group had been entering East Timorese territory at Naktuka and intimidating local residents.

According to an English translation of the report published by Suara Timor Lorosae, Village Chief Carvalho said that the unknown group had tried to burn down a house belonging to one Mrs. Tereza Elu’s and had destroyed the door of her house.

“I feel unhappy with the situation because Indonesia and Timor-Leste have commitment to resolve border security issues but in fact the recent situation in Naktuka shows that there is still a threat to the people,” Carvalho said. He added the people in the area were feeling unsafe and he therefore called on the Government to provide community police in Naktuka to provide security at night. 

The dispute between local Indonesian and East Timorese residents has been festering since at least 2006 but the governments of the respective countries have failed to settle the demarcation of the international border in this area.

The Jakarta Globe reported on 13 June, 2009 that the local Indonesian leader of the remote Indonesian subdistrict of East Amfoang bordering East Timor says his people were ready to take up arms if the ownership of a disputed piece of land was not settled. The Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) had barred a community in the subdistrict in the Province of  East Nusa Tenggara, from using the land in disputed Naktuka village.

At that time, Robby J. Manoh, a village head on the Indonesian side of the border, said he did not understand why the East Timorese were allowed to remain in Naktuka. "People from East Timor are starting to plant on Naktuka soil, but our government has done nothing to stop them," Robby is reported to have said.

"This is not fair. If this injustice continues, we have no choice but to force [the Timorese] to leave the area."

Police in East Amfoang confirmed the Timorese presence in Naktuka, but were told last month by the military that such cases were common along the border. Daud Saul Ndaumanu, the subdistrict chief of police, said then that the problem had persisted since 2006.

The sub-district police chief was also reported at that time as saying that regulations state that [Naktuka] should be clear of any establishments or activities initiated by either country, but for some reason, that hasn't stopped the people of East Timor from staying in these disputed areas. I think the government should intervene in this matter."

Robby also appealed  at that time to authorities to look into the situation. We're in a tough position because we cannot take care of our own land," he said. "We've brought this up with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but nothing has been done to settle this issue."

On 13 June, 2009, The Jakarta Post reported that legislators in East Nusa Tenngara (NTT) had urged the Indonesian military (TNI) to expel hundreds of Timor Leste people who have "unilaterally" built settlements along a the disputed area.

"The TNI should act firmly. If there is already an agreement that the neutral zone still under the status of dispute should be clear of any civilian activities, the two countries must abide by it," senior NTT legislative council member was reported to have said. Jonathan, who was the deputy chairman of the council's security affairs commission, said that unless the TNI took firm action, the disputed 1,069-square-meter area, "rich in mining resources", could be occupied by Timor Leste.

Council deputy speaker Kristo Blasin asked the Foreign Ministry to pay serious attention to the issue. "Never let bloodshed break out. This problem can actually be settled through diplomacy," he was reported to have said. Kristo also called on the two countries to involve communities in finding a solution to the disputed border at Naktuka village in East Amfoang subdistrict in the NTT capital of Kupang. Timor
Leste claims the area as part of its Oecusi district.

Earlier, Indonesia's security border force lodged a protest with Timor Leste police, which had allowed its citizens to build settlements in the disputed area.

Adding to the tensions, an East Timorese man was murdered at the locality in January 2013. It is believed that members of the Indonesian military were responsible for the murder after they tortured the man.

Related reports

Sources: Suara Timor Lorosae, The Jakarta Post, The Jakarta Globe, East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin. Edited by Warren L. Wright  

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Robert Hiini – The Record- 05 Feb 2013 - foto courtesy SJOG

Medical staff at East Timor’s national hospital, Dili, said goodbye to onerous transcribing recently with the introduction of a new automated laboratory information system in partnership with St John of God (SJOG) Health Care.

Six SJOG pathology staff from Western Australia and Victoria spent up to six weeks training and assisting scientists at the Hospital Nacional Guido Valadares (HNGV) which helped ensure the seamless introduction of the new LabTRAK system in November 2012.

Dili-based scientist Nick Hayes said the initiative had achieved a ‘monumental goal’ in the provision of pathology services.

“The LabTRAK system was a foreign idea to [Timorese lab staff], having previously relied on pen and paper for recording diagnostic results,” Mr Hayes said.

“They have adapted to the new system very quickly and we are now able to develop its use as an education tool in the future.”

LabTRAK will help improve the quality of results due to the reduction in manual programming and transcription.

Timorese pathology workers have also responded with greater enthusiasm for laboratory processing tasks.

“The next step is to assist our Timorese colleagues, progressing from producing quality results to also understanding what the results mean and the direct effect the laboratory can have on improving patient outcomes by providing an efficient, effective and safe service,” Mr Hayes said.

SJOG provided its training and assistance as part of its Pathology Development Program in East Timor, which has been ongoing since 2004.

About the Author
Robert Hiini has worked in the Catholic Church since 2005, covering national and local events for the past five years. He is a former Director of Catholic Youth Ministry, Perth and a former staffer of the Respect Life Office. Once upon a time, he was a public servant, but he's all-better now.

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JSMP - February 6, 2013

Iha 5 Fevereiru 2013 Tribunál Distritál Dili hala’o julgamentu ba krime ofensas integridade fízika simples ho natureza violénsia doméstika.

Ministériu Públiku akuza katak iha 24 Fevereiru 2012 loraik, iha Mercado Taibesi, arguidu ho inisiál JSM prátika krime hasoru nia eis-kónjuje. Ministériu Públiku akuza katak arguidu basa dala ida, rasta fuuk no silu lezada nia liman ba kotuk. Arguidu konfesa ba alegasaun ne’e.

“Julgamentu ne’e manifesta afirmasaun tribunál nia komitementu no konsiderasaun ba  violénsia doméstika hanesan krime públiku ne’ebé tenke prosesa atu kondena autór sira tuir lei aplikavel,” dehan Diretór JSMP Luis de Oliveira Sampaio.

Ministériu Públiku akuza arguidu kontra artigu 145 Kódigu Penál konjuga ho artigu 2 no 35 Lei Kontra Violénsia Doméstika.

Iha alegesaun final, Ministériu Públiku husu ba tribunál atu aplika pena multa, kada loron $0.50 sentavus to’o loron 50. Defeza husu ba tribunál fó pena admoestasaun.

Kazu ne’e rejista ho Númeru Prosesu: 696/2012/TDDIL. Julgamentu preside husi Dra. Edite Palmira, Dr. Oscar Tavares representa Ministériu Públiku no arguidu hetan defeza husi Dr. Manuel Goncalves advogadu privadu (estajiadu).

Tribunál marka julgamentu ba leitura sentensa iha 19 Fevereiru 2013 tuku 11:00 dadeer.

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Timor Post - Kamis, 07 Februari 2013

DILI - Relasiona ho prekupasaun sosiadade sivil, Minístru Petrolium Rekursu Minarais (MPRM) Alfredo Pires deklaran katak, Projetu tasi mane sei tranforma ita nia rain, tamba retornu  husi projetu tasi mane, sei liu espetativa hotu.

“Ha’u bele garantia ba publiku katak reotrunu husi projetu tasi mane, sei liu espetativa hotu, tamba projetu tasi mane ne’e, atu tranforma ita nia rain. ne’e la signifika atu hetan deit 15-20 porsentu, maibe retorunu sei liu ida ne’e,”informa Pires ba jornalista iha PN (06/02).

Pires esplika,Projetu tasi mane,mega projetu ne’ebé kompostu husi sasan barak iha  nia laran, projetu ne’e nia estudu viabilidade iha ona, mais agora atu hatene lolos projetu ne’e,ita tenke koiñase area mina.

Tamba dehan Pires,nasaun hotu ne’ebé iha mina,hanesan Malaysia, Quait,Qatar,mina tranforma, nusa maka mai timor mina la bele, “Agora Ita halo   auto Estrada iha ida husi betanu to’o Suai, ita bo’ot sira imazina deit,sasan barak sei mosu, povu sei asesu ba Estrada diak, maske deputadu balu kritika katak auto Estrada laiha kondisaun ne’e lolos labele, tan ne’e ha’u garantia retorunu sei mosu barak,”espelika Pires.

Agora tenke disidi,   “ita maka hari auto estarada ou ita fó ba kompaña internasional sira halo tomak, se kompaña sira duni maka sai nain ba auto Estrada, durante  tinan 40,entaun sira tenke tau toll,ne’ebé desizaun ne’e  maka ita tenke foti,”dehan nia.

Entertantu antes ne’e diretur ezekutivu ONG Luta Hamutuk Mericio Akara katak  Investimentu iha Tasi Mane seidauk hatudu ninia retornu ekonomiku iha futuru,tan ne’e ONG Luta Hamutuk  konsidera katak setór dezenvolvimentu petrolíferu defisil tebes hodi sukat ninia retornu iha kurtu prazu.

“Ami konsidera investimentu iha tasi mane, seidauk hatudu ninia retournu ekonomia iha futuru,tamba dezenvovimentu petroliferu difisil hodi sukat ninia retoru iha kurtu prazu,”Protesta Akara.(max).

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 06:03 AM PST

Advocatus – 06.02.12

Bernardo Correia Barradas é o novo advogado da equipa da Abreu Advogados em Timor-Leste. A contratação insere-se no âmbito do projeto de internacionalização da sociedade - Abreu Internacional Legal Solutions. O jurista irá reforçar as áreas do Direito Financeiro, Contencioso e Direito Público e Ambiente.

Atualmente, o advogado é assessor jurídico da presidência da República de Timor-Leste, país onde tem exercido advocacia nos últimos anos.

Bernardo Correia Barradas irá trabalhar com a equipa de Díli, nas áreas do Direito Financeiro, Energia, Contencioso, Direito Público e Ambiente.

Licenciado pela Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Clássica de Lisboa, onde também completou uma pós-graduação em Direito Penal Económico, o jurista concluiu ainda um Summer LLM Course sobre “A Lei da União Europeia” na mesma instituição. Atualmente, frequenta o LLM de Oil and Gas na Universidade de Dundee, Escócia.

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 04:44 AM PST

PNE – VM - Lusa

Macau, China, 07 fev (Lusa) - Os Serviços de Turismo de Macau anunciaram hoje o lançamento da versão Android da aplicação para telemóveis "Sentir Macau", com informações turísticas sobre a Região Administrativa Especial chinesa.

A versão da mesma aplicação para o iPhone foi lançada em setembro de 2012, tendo sido descarregada por mais de 7.000 utilizadores até 31 de janeiro, indica o organismo em comunicado.

A versão Android foi hoje lançada para "possibilitar a mais visitantes o acesso a informações turísticas de Macau, em qualquer altura", justifica a mesma nota.

A aplicação "Sentir Macau" inclui, nas duas versões, seis temas e funções, nomeadamente "Sentir Macau", "Informações de Turismo", "Planeador de Viagem", "Jogo", "Mapa" e "Realidade Aumentada", sendo que parte das atrações turísticas selecionadas têm apresentação sonorizada e imagens de 360 graus.

Na função "Sentir Macau" encontram-se informações sobre o Património Mundial do território, museus, salas de exposições, de espetáculos e outros locais de entretenimento, hotéis e pensões e na função "Informações de Turismo" são disponibilizados dados sobre eventos e festivais, exposições e espetáculos na cidade.

No "Planeador de Viagem", os visitantes poderão criar o seu próprio itinerário ou escolher um dos itinerários sugeridos para descobrir Macau e, por meio da tecnologia de "Realidade Aumentada", depois de fotografarem uma atração turística, podem ter acesso imediato a material de apresentação sobre o respetivo local.

No "Jogo", os visitantes sempre que chegarem a uma atração turística obtêm, depois de entrarem nessa função, uma moeda de ouro virtual e podem partilhar no Facebook imagens do percurso do centro histórico e da sua visita a Macau.

A aplicação é disponibilizada em chinês e em inglês e tem descarregamento gratuito através da App Store e do Google Play.

*Se desejar selecione na Barra Lateral para ler as notícias só em TÉTUMPORTUGUÊS ou INGLÊS

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... em caso de 'feitiçaria'

DM – VM - Lusa

Sidney, Austrália, 07 fev (Lusa) - Uma jovem mãe acusada de 'bruxaria' foi despida, encharcada de gasolina e queimada viva diante de uma multidão, incluindo crianças, na Papua Nova Guiné, relata a imprensa local.

A mulher, identificada como Kepari Leniata, de 20 anos, pelo jornal The National, foi torturada com ferro em brasa, amarrada e queimada viva com uma pilha de lixo coberta com pneus.

De acordo com o Post-Courier, a mulher foi queimada viva pelos moradores, que a acusaram de ter matado um menino de seis anos através de 'bruxaria', num ato que decorreu na quarta-feira na cidade de Mount Hagen, que a polícia não conseguiu impedir.

Segundo os jornais, que publicaram imagens na capa, a mulher admitiu ter matado o menino, que sucumbiu depois de ter sido hospitalizado com dores no estômago e no peito na terça-feira.

As autoridades garantiram estar a investigar o caso.

Existe uma crença generalizada na feitiçaria na Papua Nova Guiné, onde muitas pessoas não aceitam as causas naturais como explicação para o azar, doença, acidentes ou morte.

Em 1971, o país avançou para a criminalização daquela prática. Contudo, a comissão de reforma legislativa propôs recentemente uma revogação, na sequência de um aumento do número de ataques contra pessoas que acreditam terem sido alvo de 'magia negra'.

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 04:23 AM PST

Timor Post - Kamis, 07 Februari 2013

DILI - Deputadu husi bankada Kongressu Nasional Rekonstrusaun Timor Leste (CNRT) kestiona maka'as emprezariu  timor-oan balun ne'eebe implementa projetu hatudu laiha kualidade hodi hatun imajen governu nian.

“Hanesan ita haree estrada iha Díli laran ho distritu sira fakar osan barak, la to’o fulan ida sobu fila-fali, ne’e hatun governu nia imajen,” deputadu Jacinto Viegas hato’o lamentasaun ne’e iha uma fukun Parlamentu Nasionál ba diskusaun loron tolu, debate jeneralidade Orsamentu Jerál do Estadu 2013, Kuarta (6/2).

Nu’udar reprezentante povu, nia rekomenda ba governu ne’ebé lidera husi Primeiru Ministru Xanana Gusmão atu fihir didi’ak emprezáriu ne’ebé iha kakapsidade ho nasionalizmu ba dezenvolvimentu rai ne’e. “Sé emprezáriu ida halo projetu laiha kualidade fó black list (lista metan-red) tiha, rai sei la naben,” nia akresenta.

Tanba ne’e, iha ezekusaun OJE 2013 nia husu atu fallansu ne’ebé akontese ona, labele akontese fila fali. Bainhira akontese fali, ministériu kompetente foti medida ba kompañia sira ne’ebé maka nakar ho projetu estadu nian.

Bainhira governu sériu iha área kontrolu, Jacinto Viegas hatete, planu dezenvolvimentu ne’ebé governu Bloku Koligasaun trasa bele fó benefísiu ba povu iha área rurais.

Sikun seluk, Diretór Ezekutivu Organizasaun Naun Govermentais Luta Hamutuk Merício Akara hateten, portál governu hatudu hahú 2008 to’o 2011, projetu 279 maka tuir tenderizasaun liu-husi aprovizionamentu no husi totál projetus ne’e 77 maka implementa hanesan projetu emerjénsia.

“Husi projetu emerjénsia 77, tuir Luta Hamutuk nia observasaun indetifika katak projetu emerjénsia barak maka la priense rekezitus ne’ebé mensiona iha dekretu lei rejimi jurídiku aprovizionamentu,” Merício Akara ba jornalista iha Díli, Kuarta (6/2).

Merício hatutan, fenómena infraestrutura durante ne’e akontese iha Timor-Leste maka projetu emerjénsia laiha baze fundamentu.

“Luta Hamutuk husu ba Parlamentu Nasionál espesialmente Komisaun E, halo kontrolu forte ba servisu aprovizionamentu ou tenderizasaun projetu infraestrutura, atu bazeia nafatin ba rejimentus jurídiku aprovizionamentu ne’ebé regula rekezitus projetu emerjénsia, ”Akara sujere. 

Nia hatutan, Luta Hamutuk mós hakarak rekomenda ba insituisaun sira ne’ebé maka hala’o knaar kontrolu hanesan Ajénsia Dezenvolvimentu Nasionál (ADN), Komisaun Nasionál Aprovizionamentu (CNA), Komisaun Administrasaun Fundu Infraestrutura (CAFI) atu maximiza funsaun hodi asegura transparénsia no kualidade projetu infraestrutura iha nível nasionál no rurais. (gim/max)

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Timor Post - Kamis, 07 Februari 2013

DILI - Vise Ministru Negosiu Estranjeirus no Kooperasaun (MNEK) Constancio Pinto hateten, rona informasaun katak Tentara Nasional Indonesia (TNI) tama iha rai Naktuka maibe ninia parte seidauk hatene motivu, razaun no atividade husi TNI tanba sei hala'o investigasaun hodi buka hatene.

“Ami simu duni informasaun husi komunidade sira Naktuka katak TNI (Tentara Nasionál Indonesia) halo patrolla tama iha área ne’ebá, tanba ne’e ami haruka tiha ekipa ida para halo investigasaun loloos para realmente buka hatene sira tama iha ne’ebá halo saida, atividade saida no razaun saida maka sira tama,” Constânçio Pinto hatete ba jornalista sira iha Parlamentu Nasionál, Kuarta (6/2).

Iha fatin seluk, Segundu Komadante Polísia Nasionál Timor-Leste Afonso de Jesus hateten ba jornalista sira iha Kuartel Jerál Caicoli katak, sira seidauk simu informasaun husi komando rejiaun autónoma Oe-Cusse.

 “Ami seidauk simu informasaun husi komando Distritu Oe-Cusse kona-ba TNI tama iha Naktuka, tanba ne’e lakohi fó informasaun,” nia hato’o.

Nune’e mós, Pinto esplika, pozisaun estadu TL ne’ebé maka hola kle’ur ona katak fatin Naktuka forsa Indonézia labele halo patrollamentu tama iha laran. “Ida ne’e ita nia desizaun, foin lalais iha Bandung (Joint Border Comite) mós ita levanta no husu para TNI labele tama iha Naktuka,” vise ministru dehan.

“Iha Naktuka ita nia polísia maka halo patrolla tanba ita nia sidadaun hela iha ne’ebá, TNI labele tama, maibé tuir informasaun sira tama fali,” Vise ministru hatete.

To’o notísia ne’e hatun, Timor Post tenta halo konfirmasaun ba parte embaixada Indonézia iha TL liu husi telefone no mensajen maibé la konsege hetan resposta. (uly)

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Timor Post - Kamis, 07 Februari 2013

DILI - Ministeriu Negosiu Estranjeiros no Kooperasaun (MNEK) hateten, bolseiru timor-oan iha Filipina ne'ebe komete krimi violasaun seksual, agora dadaun iha sela preventiva hodi hein prosesu justisa.

“Ha’u rona ema (polísia Filipina) ka’er tiha ona. Sé kuandu ka’er ona tenki iha prizaun preventiva,” Vise Ministru Negósiu Estranjeirus no Kooperasaun Constânçio Pinto ba jornalista sira iha Parlamentu Nasionál hafoin partisipa iha debate Orsamentu Jerál do Estadu, Kuarta (6/2).

Antes ne’e, estudante ne’e komete ona krimi balun iha Timor, maibé depois kumpri tiha prosesu justisa, hetan oportunidade hodi tuir estudu iha Filipina.

Ho kazu ne’e, embaixadór Timor-Leste ba Filipina sei akompaña hela no sei buka advogadu hodi defende. “Advogadu iha ne’ebá, Filipina sira aranza duni maibé ita maka tenki selu maibé la’os baratu, dala ruma nia presu husi $5.000 to’o $10.000. Dala ruma liu-tan,” vise ministru MNEK hateten.

Nia informa mós katak iha Filipina estudante ne’e komete kazu rua. Ida violasaun seksuál no ida seluk sei hasoru hela investigasaun.

Tuir eis embaIxadór ne’e hatete, TL tenki responsabiliza orsamentu selu defensór hodi defende estudante refere. “Ami sei kontaktu ho ministériu edukasaun para haree orsamentu selu defensór,” informa Constânçio.

Nune’e mós, nia informa kona-ba estudante timor-oan iha Surabaya-Indonézia ne’ebé hetan torturasaun husi oknum sidadaun Indonézia balun.

MNEK husu ona ba embaixadór Timor-Leste ba Indonézia, para haree problema iha Indonézia, tanba durante ne’e estadu Timor preokupa tebes komportamentu estudante Timor iha nasaun estranjeirus.

“Ita nia estudante maka la komporta ho di’ak, ida ne’e estraga imajen país nian no difikulta estudante sira iha futuru mai. Maibé, governu sei toma desizaun ho kooperasaun governu Indonézia para haree kestaun hirak ne’e,” ministru hatete.

Nia dehan, embaixadór Indonézia sei akompaña ho prosesu seidauk simu informasaun detalladu kona ba insidente ida ne’e tanba depois rona investigasaun kle’an husi Indonézia maka bele prosesu kontinuasaun. (uly)

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Timor Post - Kamis, 07 Februari 2013

DILI - Kazu Ministra Finansas (MF), Emilia Pires ne'ebe diskonfia fo projetu ba nia la'en manan tender hatama sasan emerzensia iha Hospital Nasional Guidu Valadares (HNGV). Emilia konsidera media mak halo monopoli, tanba la iha faktus lolos.

Ho kazu refere, membru Parlamentu Nasional husi bankada oposizaun FRETILN levanta hikas iha debate Orsamentu Jeral Estadu (OJE) ba loron daruak, Emília konsidera hamosu exemplu atake pesoal ba nia hanesan memebru governu.

“Ha’u lamenta no triste tebes bainhira deputadu balun kolia atake pesoal ba memebru governu sira. Sé ita hatene hanoin deskonfia katak memebru governu halo sala, ita rasik hari’I ona institusuan KAK, Prokudoria, Tribunal atu halo investigasaun klaru lolos,” lamenta Emília iha iha PN, Kuarta (06/02).

Alende ne’e nia kontenti teb-tebes iha debate ho subtansia makro-ekonomia hanesan deputadu hudi bankada FRETILIN, Mari Alkatiri ne’ebé foti exemplu ne’ebé diak. Nia lamentatan, media kondena membru governu,maibé media mós tenki aprende, foti kestaun ruma  tenki ho evidensia.

“Media hakarak ka’olia hakerek lolos ho evidensia saida mak ha’u ko’alia, ita kolia ho povu tenki kolia lolos, labele manipula,” nia esklarese.   
Iha oportunidade ne’e, Deputadu Osório Florindo husi bankada FRETILIN rezeita deklarsaun ministra Emília pires ne’ebé konsidera interensaun deputadu sira nia hanesan atake pesoela ne’e lalos.“Ha’u ko’ali la’os halo julgamentu, tanba ha’u hala’o ha’u nia knar tuir konstitusaun hanesan fiskalizador, ha’u lakondena ita bo’ot na’ok osan,” nia fó resposta.

Lamentasaun hanesan, Deputadu husi bankada  FRETILIN, Aurélio Freitas, reseita tanba nia rasi ko’a lia la halo akuza, maibé kolia nu’udar fiskalizador.

Tanba motor ida hola iha Indonesia ho folin U$D 1.300 mai to’o iha loja timor U$D 2.000 depois halo patraun ho folin U$D 2500 ida ne’e lalos ida ne’ ita bo’ot mak fó oportunidade bele mós ho interese privadu.  “Sr. Ministra horsehik (horbainrua) ha’u la akuza ita bo’ot, ha’u hateten públiku sarani kategoria osamentu capital menor difini kategoria presu lalos tanba latuir presu merkadu, i media mak hateten dehan ita bo’ot nia la’en mak manan tender hatama sasan emerzensia iha Hospital Nasional Guidu Valadares (HNGV),” nia infroma.(gim)

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Timor Post - Kamis, 07 Februari 2013

DILI - Tuir deputadu husi bankada oposizaun FRETILIN, Felisberto Monteiro katak  durante hahu governasaun Aliansa Maioria Parlamentar (AMP) to'o bloku koligasaun V governu ne'ebe lidera nafatin husi Primeiru Ministru Xanana lakonsegue hanorin nia membru sai mestri ne'ebe di’ak.

“Uluk ita nia maun Xanana hanorin Falintil sira sai funu nain hodi luta hetan uku rasik-an, maibé agora hanorin membru governu balun ulun to’os lakonsegue sai mestri di’ak,” Felisberto iha nia intervensaun debate OJE iha PN, Kuarta (06/02).

Nia hatutan, memebru governu kontinuasaun husi AMP ne’ebé balun liha kapasidade jestaun ba ejekusaun osan povu nian, realidade kontinua hatudu iha V governasaun.

Realidade memebru balun kontinua husu osan bo’ot i kontinua tau tusa bo’ot nafatin, iha oin hatudu hahalok di’ak, maibé iha kotuk ladun kontribui ba governu ne’eb’e lidera husi Xanana rasik.

“Ita akompañia inflasaun sasan folin aumenta sa’e n tanba sá, tanba Ministru agrikultura servisu la tuir rezimentu governu nian, fahe trator barak nain abandona hela sasan folin sa’e nafatin povu ki’ik sai vitima,” nia esklarese. (gim)

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Tempo Semanal - Thursday, 07 February 2013

Deskonfia ema balun hala’o manipulasaun hatún númeru rendimentu (angka pendapatan) estadu ninian, no deskonfia kurang kapacidade Ministra Finansas La Konsege Deteta Naran Kompañia Balun Tama Grandes Emprezas ou servidor estadu ho intensaun halo la halo kobranca hodi hatama ba brankas estadu maibe prefere simu husi kotuk ka kuinesidu mafia taxa. 

Felizmente Estadu Timor-Leste liu husi Ministériu Finansas ho ninia sanak Departamentu de Impostu Para Grandes Emprezas (DIGE) fó sai ona Lista Distribuisaun Relatóriu Rendimentu Anuál 2012. Iha lista ne’e, sira identifika de’it kompañia atus ida sanulu resin lima  (115 ) mak sai hanesan grandes emprezas.

Maski nune’e, emprezáriu Timor oan balun konsidera lista ne’ebé asina husi Xefe Interinu LBD, Bernardo Amaral iha 15 Janeiru 2013, la justu no deskonfia buat balun la’o la loos. Tanba,  iha kompañia balun ne’ebé durante ne’e hetan projetu kuaze U$ 50 milloens ital, maibé la tama iha lista grandes emprezas, inklui loja boot balun iha área Audi'an no Kolmera nian.

Ema deskonfia katak, máfia balun komesa halimar iha prosesu ida ne’e hodi hamenus osan ba tasa estadu nian no oinsá bele hatama ba sira nia bolsu. La'ós ne’e de’it, ema balun mós tenta hala’o manipulasaun hodi hatún sira ninia númeru rendimentu (angka pendapatan) atu nune’e bele selu tasa ho valór ki’ik maski sira hetan rendimentu boot ne’ebé kategoria nu’udar grandes emprezas no pior liu tan kompañia balun nunka selu tasa.

Hataan ba kestaun ne’e, Diretór kompañia Kaimaleloqui Unipesoal Lda, Rui Castro hateten, Diresaun Impostu tenke brani hodi deklara ba públiku kompañia hotu-hotu ne’ebé kategoria hanesan grandes emprezas no pekenu emprezas, atu nune’e povu bele hala’o justisa no labele bosok.

“bainhira hare tiha lista katak, grandes emprezas iha de’it 115, ha’u telefone kedas ba Ministra Finansas hodi husu klarifikasaun no iha momentune’ebáMinistraFinansasresponde dehan, loos Rui iha kompañia balun ema barak la onestu. Maibé, ha’u dehan Sra Ministra problema la'ós tanba onestu ou lae, problema ita boot ninia sistema ne’e atu deteta” Castro konta tuir. 

Castro fó razaun katak, tanba saida mak kompañia balun hetan projetu kuaze U$ 50 milloens ital no hetan projetu barak iha Dili laran. Maibé, la tama lista grandes emprezas. “ha’u dehan ba Diretór Impostu katak, lista ne’ebé sira fó sai ne’e, la loos. Ne’e duni, tenke hala’o esplikasaun ba públiku. Ha’u hanoin sira tenke fó sai ba públiku kona ba kompañia ne’ebé kategoria grandes emprezas no kompañia sira ne’ebé kategoria pekenu empreza.” emprezáriu Baucau oan ne’e kestiona. 

 Hare ba prosesu ne’e, Rui Castro mós duvida, tanbasá kompañia 115 de’it mak tama lista grandes emprezas, mezmu durante ne’e iha kompañia boot barak mak manan projetu millaun ba millaun, no pior liu tan kompañia balun kuaze manan projetu iha Timor laran tomak mós la tama grandes empreza. Kompañia balun manan tiha konstrusaun seidauk di’ak no ‘pengadaan’ mós ninia, nia tiu, tia no abo nian hotu tanba de’it sira nia família mak agora ukun. Maibé, razaun saida mak sira nia kompañia la tama grandes emprezas. Karik kompañia hirak ne’e hetan asisténsia espesiál husi Governu, tan ne’e sira la tama grandes empreza ou oinsá..?

 Problema seluk fali mak Teras Propriedade fó aluga rai bisnis (lokasi Bisnis) ba kompañia sira iha parte Audi'an no Kolmera ne’ebé kategoria zona bisnis nian mais sira nunka tama iha grandes emprezas. “Se hanesan ne’e tansá ita tenke fó rai ba ema sira ne’e no ha’u hanoin presiza hala’o investigasaun tanba bele akontese korrupsaun legál”  Castro sujere. 

Ministériu Finansas tenke hare didi’ak prosesu hirak ne’e, se lae Ministra Finansas, Emília Pires nia mehi kona ba reforma sistema administrasaun ‘gagal totál’. “Se gasta osan millaun ba millaun hodi  reforma administrasaun,depois ikus la konsege deteta ero ou manipuladór 'pajak' ne’ebé iha, di’ak liu lalika gasta osan,tanbahasaiosanbarakhodi hala’o reforma mais nunka iha mudansa mós hanesan de’it porké gasta osan arbiru.”

 Simples de’it, iha Timor-Leste ita hatene ida ne’ebé mak kategoria grandes emprezas no ida ne’ebé mak kategoria pekenu empreza. Tanba, kompañia hotu-hotu manan projetu no ‘pangadaan’ millaun ba millaun. Realidade ida ne’e akontese duni no ema barak hatene tanba iha desizaun polítika barak liu. Maibé, razaun saida mak la kategoria sira hanesan grandes emprezas.

 “Ha’u hatene muitu bem kompañia barak ne’ebé manan projetu no Primeiru Ministru entrega de’it to’o millaun ba millaun. Maibé, la tau sira nia iha lista no ida ne’e problema boot” esklarese Castro.

Responde kona ba deskonfia akontese manipulasaun.? Ho fiar an eis estudante Fatumaca ne’e dehan, iha porsentu boot bele akontese manipulasaun. Tanba, iha kompañia balun ne’ebé kaer projetu barak mais tansá la selu tasa no razaun saida la tama lista grandes emprezas..?

Di’ak liu iha Timor-Leste lalika selu tasa ona. Tanba, kompañia ki'ikoan sira loron kalan ita ba obriga hodi selu tasa. Maibé, kompañia boot sira ne’ebé iha loos matan laran ne’e ita husik hela de’it. “se kompañia barak ne’ebé manan projetu milaun dolar mak naran la tama lista grandes emprezas entaun ida ne’e la loos no justisa ne’ebé la loos liu mak ida ne’e” Castro akuza ho lian makas.

 Castro mós sujere ba Ministra Finansas katak, se la iha ona dalan atu kontrola husu ba Komisaun Anti Korrupsaun (KAK) hala’o investigasaun. Tanbasá, kompañia sira ne’e manan projetu boot barak-barak mais la tama grandes emprezas. Ida ne’e signifika katak, sira hala’o manipulasaun iha númeru rendimentu (angka pendapatan), tanba sira ninia investimentu de’it boot liu ona sira ninia rendimentu ne’ebé sai hanesan tarjetu hodi tama grandes emprezas. Maibé, tansá mak la kategoria nu’udar grandes emprezas.

Kategoria grandes emprezas tanba dehan ninia rendimentu mínimu (pendapatan kotor) kada tinan U$ juta ida ba leten. Ezemplu, nia fa’an de’it fatuk mós bele hetan ona juta da ba leten, satan nia halo investimentu ba mákina ou karreta entaun ratusan juta ona. Maibé, tansá ida ne’e mós la tama grandes emprezas. 

 Sira ne’ebé kategoria la tama grandes emprezas mak maioria agora manan projetu iha Ministériu barak-barak ne’ebé bazeia ba desizaun polítika hodi entrega de’it. Tanba, sira nia família mak ukun no sira nia partidu mak manan.
“Ironia liu tan kompañia ida ne’ebé ha’u hatene katak nia manan hela projetu mina barak-barak mais ida ne’e mós la tama grandes empreza. Ha’u sei la temi ema ruma. Maibé, ha'u hakarak hateten de’it katak barak loos. Tanba, aleinde Timor oan kompañia estranjeiru nian mós barak” tenik Castro.

 Ita bele hare iha partensia Kolmera nian, bapa sira ne’ebé aluga uma estadu hodi okupa zona bisnis nian mak la kategoria grandes empreza ne’e kontra Lei investimentu. Ne’e duni, di’ak liu lalika fó, tanba emprezáriu ne’ebé manan projetu husi U$ juta ida ba leten barak mak la tama.

Problema la'ós tanba impostu. Maibé, kompañia sira mak tenke ho onestu hodi aprezenta sira ninia relatóriu ba Governu mais sistema ne’ebé Ministériu Finansas kria mak tuir loloos tenke deteta sira nia transaksi iha ne’ebé.

“Ha’u hare kompañia balun fulan ida hatama konteiner 20 to’o 30 maibé nia naran ne’e la tama iha grandes emprezas entaun ne’e loos ou lae. Ezemplu, iha loja ida loron ida ema na’in 300 ou 400 mak tama no kada ema ida mais ou menus hola sasan kuaze U$ 30 dolar hafoin ‘kali’ ba ema na’in 30 entaun loron ida U$ 9.000 depois ‘kali’ loron 30 entaun U$ 270.000 no ‘kali’ fali fulan 12 U$ 3.240.000 maibé tansá ida ne’e la tama grandes emprezas.”

Iha parte seluk Diretór Kompañia Gunung Kijang, Óscar Lima rekoñese katak, sira iha kompañia rua ou tolu. Maibé, atividade ou sasan ne’ebé sira hatama tuir kompañia ida-idak ninia serbisu. 

Tuir nia, la iha nasaun ida ne’ebé iha mundu  ema la selu tasa no nasaun barak konsege dezenvolve ho impostu. “hanesan Timor oan ami iha devér no obrigasaun atu selu tasa ba estadu. Tanba, liu husi selu tasa bele dezenvolve nasaun Timor-Leste.” dehan Óscar Lima.

 Emprezáriu husi Distritu ne’ebé riku ho kafé ne’e konsidera katak, kritériu impostu nian di’ak no ladún todan. Maibé, tansá kompañia balun la selu tasa. “ Kompañia  barak mak mai husi rai li'ur ho razaun katak atu dezenvolve ita nia rai. Maibé, se mai para hetan de’it projetu hodi lakohi selu tasa entaun hanusa ita labele hasae emprezáriu nasionál sira nia kapasidade de’it” Óscar Lima kestiona. 

 Diretór Timor Plaza, Jape Kong Su iha intervista ho Jornál Tempo Semanál rekoñese katak, Timor oan iha Austrália nia mesak mak hala’o konstrusaun boot hanesan Timor Plaza, entaun ida ne’e kategoria nu’udar kompañia boot. Maibé, tansá la tama iha lista grandes emprezas.

 Dezde inisiu emprezáriu refere iha hanoin atu dezenvolve Timor-Leste, ne’e duni nia selu hela tasa ba estadu. “ durante ne’e ha’u selu tasa ba estadu Timor-Leste. Porezemplu, ema li'ur mai servisu fulan ida manan rihun ida (U$ 1000. 00) entaun ami selu ba estadu atus ida (U$ 100). Ne’e duni, kada fulan Timor Plaza selu tasa ba estadu Timor Leste hamutuk 10%.

Mezmu nune’e, bainhira Jornál Tempo Semanál hatudu Lista Distribuisaun Relatóriu Rendimentu Anuál 2012 kona ba naran kompañia ne’ebé kategoria nu’udar grandes emprezas, emprezáriu ne’ebé ho idade kuaze 88 ne’e mós sente duvida. “Tuir loos Governu tenke bolu ha’u hodi konfirma. Tanba, iha Austrália ha’u mesak de’it mak hala’o konstrusaun boot hanesan Timor Plaza. Maibé, se estadu la husukonserteza ha’u mós la ba esmola iha estadu, tanba ha’u ba hatudu naran sei la manan buat ida.” Hakotu Jape.

 Antes ne’e Jornál Tempo Semanál mós tenta atu intervista kompañia balun ne’ebé deskonfia hetan rendimentu boot mais ninia naran la tama lista grandes emprezas. Maibé, esforsu ne’ebé jornál ne’e hala’o la konsege, tanba na’in husi kompañia hirak ne’ebé identifika lakohi atu fó komentáriu no balun fali dehan okupadu hela.   

 La'ós ne’e de’it, Tempo Semanál mós koko atu intervista ho Diretór Departamentu Impostu ne’ebé hamahan an iha Ministériu Finansas, maibé husi parte Ministériu Finansas husu tenke hato’o uluk karta hafoin bele hetan autorizasaun hodi intervista. 

 Ho prosesu birokrasia ne’ebé makas iha Ministériu Finansas, redasaun Tempo Semanál mós kumpre prosesu ida ne’e hodi hato’o karta ba Ministériu Finansas iha loron 24 Janeiru 2013. Karta ne’e dirije ba Ministra Finansas, Emília Pires  hodi husu autorizasaun atu intervista Diretór Impostu. Maibé, husi parte redasaun Tempo Semanál la hetan resposta to’o data publikasaun nian. (**)

Labele Tolera Kompañia Ne’ebé Malandru 

REALIDADE ita hare kompañia boot barak mak oras ne’e daudauk hadau malu projetu husi Governu. Balun hetan projetu to’o U$ 50 milloens ital no balun fali kuaze projetu hotu-hotu iha Dili laran sira mak hetan. Maibé, nia naran la tama iha lista grandes empreza, inklui loja boot balun iha área Audi'an no Kolmera nian. 

“Sira ne’ebé kategoria la tama grandes emprezas mak maioria agora manan projetu iha Ministériu barak-barak tanba de’it desizaun polítika hodi entrega de’it, porké sira nia família mak agora ukun no sira nia partidu mak manan. Ironia liu tan kompañia ida ne’ebé ha’u hatene katak, nia manan hela projetu mina barak-barak mais ida ne’e mós la tama lista grandes empreza” Diretór Kompañia Kaimaleloqui Unipesoal Ld Rui Castro kestiona.

Maski emprezáriu refere la temi ema ou kompañia ruma nia naran. Maibé, nia rekoñese katak iha kompañia barak loos no la'ós de’it kompañia Timor oan mais inklui mós kompañia estranjeiru balun ne’ebé la tama lista grandes emprezas nian maski hetan rendimentu boot. 

Membru Deputada Komisaun D ne’ebé trata asuntu Ekonomia no Dezenvolvimentu, Brigida Antonia Correia hateten, empreza hotu-hotu iha devér hodi kontribui ba nasaun hodi selu tasa. Tanba, ida ne’e rendimentu nasaun nian. 

Maski Deputada husi Bankada CNRT ne’e la lembra didi'ak kona ba Lei impostu nian. Maibé, tuir buat ne’ebé nia hateten katak, setór privadu hotu-hotu ne'ebé ninia rendimentu kuaze Kinentus dolar ba leten iha devér atu selu tasa 10% ba estadu. 

Iha oportunidade ne’e, Deputada Brigida husu ba kompañia hotu-hotu tenke selu tasa ba estadu. Tanba, nasaun hotu-hotu moris husi tasa. “karik kompañia ne’ebé mak hetan lukru boot mais la selu tasa ba estadu entaun sira viola ona Lei Impostu na'in. Ne’e duni, tenke fó sansaun hodi selu multa no Governu labele tolera. 

Nune’e mós, Deputadu husi Bankada Fretilín, Estanislao Maria da Silva husu ba Governu liu husi Ministériu Finansas Diresaun Serbisu Impostu tenke toma responsabilidade ba kompañia sira ne’ebé mak la selu tasa.

“Tenke fó sansaun no husu selu multa ba estadu. Tanba, saida mak sira la selu tasa. Kompañia ne’ebé la selu tasa ne’e viola ona Lei impostu nian, ne’e duni tenke fó sansaun no lori ba tribunál” dehan eis Ministru Agrikultór iha primeiru Governu nia ukun.

 Tuir nia, Governu tenke implementa Lei Impostu, atu nune’e kompañia sira labele malandru iha prosesu selu tasa. Impostu hanesan kontribuisaun ba reseitas estadu Timor-Leste ninia, ne’e duni Governu iha obrigasaun hodi obriga kompañia sira ne’ebé hetan lukru boot tenke selu tasa tuir Lei ne’ebé iha.

Hanoin hanesan hato’o mós husi Deputada Bankada Fretilín, Florentina Pereira Smith. Ne’e duni, nia husu ba Ministériu Finansas, liu-liu Departamentu Impostu tenke foti medidas ruma ou fó sansaun ba kompañia sira ne’ebé lakohi kontribui iha prosesu selu tasa tuir Lei haruka. Aleinde ne’e husu ba Diresaun Impostu tenke hala’o kontrolasaun ba kompañia sira, hodi nune’e  ita bele hatene katak kompañia ne’ebé mak durante ne’e lakohi selu tasa.(**) 

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