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Posted: 31 Jan 2013 02:58 PM PST

Radio Liberdade Dili- Kinta, 31 Janeiru 2013 - Autor Santino Dare Matias 

Radio, online - Iha 28 Janeiru 2013 Tribunál Distritál Dili hala’o julgamentu ba krime violénsia doméstika no kontinua fali audensia leitura ba sentensa iha 29 Janeiru 2013.

Informasaun ne’e asesu liu husi via email Kinta, (31/01), husi Justice System Monytoring Programe, (JSMP). 

Ministériu Públiku akuza katak iha 18 Fevereiru 2011, iha Kampung Alor Dili, arguidu Dominggos Colo prátika krime hasoru  nia  kónjuje Amelia Abi. Motivu husi akontesementu ne`e tanba deit  arguidu tarde  fila husi servisu fatin  no modo laiha  mak  lezada  hirus. Tanba ne’e,  arguidu buti lezada  nia  kakorok, soku iha oin no  kotuk. 

“JSMP fiar katak tribunál iha konviksaun rasik ba kualker atribuisaun ba forma pena aplikavel sira, maibé pena multa la han-malu ho konseitu violénsia doméstika hanesan krime públiku,” dehan Diretór JSMP Luis de Oliveira Sampaio.

Ministériu Públiku akuza arguidu  kontra artigu 145 Kódigu Penál, kona-ba ofensa ba integridade fízika simples no konjuga ho Lei Nú. 7/2010 Lei Kontra Violénsia Doméstika. Ministériu Públiku husu ba tribunál atu kondena arguidu ho pena admoestasaun tanba arguidu konfesa faktus. 

Defeza mós husu ba tribunál atu mantéin ho pena admoestasaun ne’ebé hato`o husi Ministériu Públiku.  

Iha julgamentu arguidu deklara  katak la’os buti no soku lezada,  arguidu  basa dala ida iha  lezada nia hasan tanba koalia barak. Iha lezada nia deklarasaun ba tribunál hamosu faktus kontradisaun kona-ba  motivu husi  kazu ne’e,  ho nune`e Ministériu Públiku husu akareasaun, tribunál konsidera tuir artigu 116 no 140.

Kódigu Prosesu Penál fó tempu ba lezada no arguidu ko’alia loloos motivu husi problema. Tribunál konfirma lezada nia deklarasaun hanesan ho arguidu tanba ne’e Ministériu Públiku hato’o ba tribunál la presiza rona depoimentu husi testamuña tanba arguidu deklara verdade.

Iha julgamentu leitura sentensa, faktus provadu mak arguidu basa dala ida lezada nia hasan sorin loos. Faktus la provadu mak arguidu la buti kakorok, soku iha oin no kotuk. 

Bázeia ba faktu hirak ne’e, tribunál deside pena multa ho valor $ 37.50 ne’ebé sei selu gradualmente $ 0.50 sentavos kada loron durante loron 75 nia laran. Wainhira arguidu  la kumpri pena refere, tribunál sei aplika pena alternativa loron 50 iha prizaun. 

Kazu ne’e rejista iha tribunál ho Númeru Prosesu: 526/2011/TDD. Julgamentu prezide husi Dra. Jasinta Correia da Costa. Dr. Vicente Brites husi Ministériu Públiku no arguidu hetan defeza husi Dr. Tomas Goncalves advogadu privadu (estajíadu). 

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 09:11 AM PST

A companhia aérea indonésia Batavia Air suspendeu hoje todas as operações, incluindo os voos para Timor-Leste, depois de na quarta-feira o Tribunal Comercial de Jacarta ter declarado a falência da empresa, noticia o "Jakarta Post".

"A administração (da Batavia Air) aceita a decisão e vai parar todas as operações a partir do dia 31 de janeiro", disse o advogado da empresa, citado pelo Jakarta Post.

A companhia garantia voos diários para Timor-Leste.

Segundo o jornal, o pedido de falência contra a Batavia Air foi apresentado por uma empresa internacional de aluguer de aviões, depois da companhia aérea indonésia ter falhado o pagamento de 4,68 milhões de dólares (cerca de 3,44 milhões de euros) relativos ao aluguer de dois Airbus 330 por um período de três anos.

Os airbus foram alugados para transportar peregrinos indonésios para Meca.

A Batavia Air começou a operar em 2002 e em 2012 voava para 44 destinos, incluindo Timor-Leste e Singapura.

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 09:05 AM PST

When his car got caught in a traffic jam in the capital of Dili, Gusmao hopped out and starting directing drivers to clear a path.


Do the responsibilities of a commander-in-chief include directing traffic?

In the tiny South Asian nation of East Timor, the answer appears to be yes.

Xanana Gusmao, the prime minister of the small island nation, temporarily acted as a traffic cop Monday after his car got stuck in a heavy traffic jam outside the presidential office in the nation’s capital, Dili.

Gusmao, without hesitation, exited his car and began directing drivers to try to clear the congestion, NBC News reported.

East Timor, which comprises the eastern half of the small island of Timor, south of the Indonesian archipelago, achieved its independence from Indonesian rule in 2002.

Gusmao, a 66-year-old former militant who helped fight for the nation’s independence, has been awarded several prizes, including the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought and the Sydney Peace Prize, for his efforts to help liberate East Timor.

* Fotos Antonio Dasiparu / EPA

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 08:31 AM PST

Asian gaming firm PhilWeb Corp. has reported a 20-percent year-on-year rise in its net income in 2012 to P1.1 billion.

The fastest growth in the company was reported by PhilWeb's Asia Pacific subsidiary, which operates scratch card businesses in Cambodia and Timor Leste and a sweeps center in Guam.

The Asia Pacific unit brought in 9 percent of total revenues, driving PhilWeb's consolidated total revenue line to P1.5 billion, a 27-percent improvement from 2011.

PhilWeb Asia Pacific president Mike Grandinetti said that the company will soon be opening its firste-Games café in Timor Leste. “This expansion means that e-Games will now become a regional brand for PhilWeb's quality electronic gaming solutions,” he said.

In the Philippines, the company has 277 e-Games cafés. It has also set up a company to produce electronic gaming terminals with a built-in bill acceptor, card reader and ticket-in, ticket-out printer.

PhilWeb has also received a certification from the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) for its new gaming terminal business, e-Magine Gaming Corporation. — BM, GMA News

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 08:18 AM PST

After so much time away from home, Colonel Martin Dransfield was in danger of becoming the Robinson Crusoe of the New Zealand Defence Force.

Touched by what he has witnessed in East Timor, he tells Jimmy Ellingham about his two tours of duty.

Some things never change in East Timor. The heat for one.

But in little more than a decade, the small nation to the north of Australia has gone from chaos to peace and stability.

One New Zealander has seen the country at its moment of need and was there when foreign forces pulled out after the successful staging of democratic elections last year.

Colonel Martin Dransfield was the commanding officer of the second battalion of Kiwi troops to East Timor in 2000 after trouble erupted as it attempted to gain independence from Indonesia.

Ten years later, he returned as chief military liaison officer for the United Nations mission.

The tanned and lithe military veteran reflects on his "unique" position in seeing a country develop so much, so fast.

Dransfield is back in New Zealand now, settled at his property at Matahiwi in Wairarapa.

While too modest to say it himself, his daughter compared his homecoming with the triumphant Hobbits returning to The Shire in The Lord of the Rings, where most were oblivious to the good work of those returning.

Dransfield and many other New Zealand soldiers serving in East Timor in the early part of last decade and again from 2006 to 2012 all played their part in calming down what was one of the world's hotspots.

Dransfield visits Palmerston North to see his daughter and son and takes time to reflect on his latest two-year post to East Timor.

Three months earlier, the Manawatu Standard caught up with him at the UN base in Dili.

In a small office, an air-conditioned oasis, Dransfield rattled off a slew of statistics and canny observations about a place he immersed himself in for two years.

In one of the seemingly ubiquitous UN 4WDs he drove reporters 90 minutes south of Dili to Madabeno, negotiating the rutted roads with a practised mastery - fitting for someone who said he needed to go home before he turned into Robinson Crusoe.

Once at the village school he ran around in his army uniform, in the heat of the day, for a game of football, exhibiting the energy needed in a job that was really a seven-day-a-week affair.

He even managed to run a couple of marathons in the sapping humidity. He's a man fit in body and mind.

Now he's back home, Dransfield is proud of what has been achieved in East Timor.

He has overseen the end of a process that turned a disorganised local military into an army worthy of serving on a UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan.

"It's the transformation of a guerrilla force into a military force, into a peacekeeping force. We've managed to achieve that in 11 years."

Dransfield has been in the army for 35 years. He joined up in Britain, serving in Norway, Berlin and Northern Ireland, and transferred to New Zealand in 1988.

In his UN role he passed all the experience on and helped Timorese forces understand human rights and protection of citizens.

Dransfield was part of a multi-national team that included officers from Fiji, Nepal and Sierra Leone.

He would have weekly meetings with the Timorese defence force chiefs. A lot of the work focused on training and preparing the military for its first overseas operation.

"We did papers for them on things like cadet skills and their corrective establishment. I would advise them on anything they asked about - for example, maritime security, laws of the sea.

"Basically I acted as an adviser on things that were UN related."

But Dransfield wasn't chained to his office. He travelled the length and breadth of the country visiting military force bases every two to three months.

His tours have convinced Dransfield East Timor is ready to look after its own security.

"It's very pleasing and satisfying to see that. I, for one, believe that the timing is right to hand over and close the [UN] mission.

"But there's still a requirement for the international community to remain engaged."

Some 200,000 of East Timor's inhabitants live in Dili, and life for many is still a basic subsistence living.

Dransfield doesn't think there will be a sudden migration to the city.

"The older generation is very much wedded to the land and subsistence farming is very much wedded to their culture, so I don't see the entire population running to the city, because there's no real need for it."

There's also a chance for old-world farms to turn into cash crops - coffee and rice.

What's needed is education and already there are links between East Timor and universities in New Zealand, such as Massey, he says.

Timor's economy is small, but there is talk of it joining the ASEAN group of nations.

"I have great hope for Timor and they are sitting inside part of the world economically that's actually doing quite well at the moment."

Ten years ago the same could hardly be said and there were more problems in 2006, but Dransfield wasn't called over to serve with Kiwi troops that time.

"If I'd returned in 2006 that would have been very different."

By 2011, though, there was "tangible development". Dili had a mall and children wore school uniforms.

Even in his two-year posting with the UN Dransfield noticed quick changes, including the development of a slick road from the airport into town, upgraded as part of the country's 10th anniversary celebrations.

"By about May 2012 I suddenly realised that Dili had now become this city which people were really proud of.

"People said, ‘This is our city. It's no longer somebody else's'. Bear in mind [East Timor] hadn't had its own independence for hundreds of years."

That goes back to the colonial-era Portuguese occupation of the country that lasted until the 1970s. When they left, Indonesia violently filled the void for the next 25 or so years until the struggle for independence was victorious in 2002.

But there was still internal strife, and this continued for years. Hoards of displaced people camped out in Dili.

Now Dransfield describes a city rapidly modernising and developing parks and wi-fi areas on the waterfront. Other basic services, such as electricity, are also expanding and a national power grid has been built and will soon be turned on everywhere.

And while the roads are bumpy in places, they are at least tarsealed, different from the dusty trails in Afghanistan where Dransfield headed the NZ Defence Force reconstruction team in 2009 and 2010.

The food's a bit different from that at home and items such as milk and butter are considered luxuries.

There's cause for optimism and Dransfield says the thing he misses most about East Timor is the positive attitude of the people. "Having said all that, returning to New Zealand is magic."


1999: A vote for independence triggers a violent backlash from pro-Indonesia forces. Australia, New Zealand and then the United Nations enter the country.

2000: Colonel Martin Dransfield serves a six-month tour in East Timor. A young soldier under his command, Private Leonard Manning, dies in combat.

2002: East Timor achieves independence. 2006: After a period of stability, trouble erupts again and foreign forces re-deploy.

2012: Parliamentary elections pass smoothly and the United Nations mission ends. Dransfield returns home after two years.

- © Fairfax NZ News

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 08:04 AM PST

Suara Timor Lorosae - Posting Husi: Josefa Parada

DILI - University Darwin, iha tempu badak sei hasoru Primeiru Ministru (PM), Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao, hodi koalia kona koperasaun akademika TL ho Darwin iha area mina.

Ne’eduni, PM Xanana bolu, Ministru Petroliu no Rekursu Minarai, Alfredo Pires atu ba esplika no hare kona ba Universidade Darwin ne’ebe iha vontadi diak atu fo bolsu estudu ba ema Timor oan sira atu ba estuda kona ba mina ninian iha ne’eba.

“Sira nia sentru treinu, ne’e diak nian konforme planu iha oin mai maka ita hare, hira maka bele ba iha ne’eba,” hatete MPRM, Alfredo Pires, bainhira hasoru malu ho PM, Xanana iha Palacio Governu, Dili, Kinta (31/1). 

Nia informa tan katak, kona ba relasaun ho Universidade Darwin ho akademiki ba akademiku, tanba sira koalia kona ba mina, ne’eduni PM Xanana nia mai atu bele esplika kona ba asuntu ida ne’e. Informasaun kompletu iha STL Jornal no STL Web, edisaun Sesta (1/2). Oscar Salsinha

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 07:58 AM PST

…1000 Kada Tinan

Suara Timor Lorosae - Posting Husi: Josefa Parada

DILI - Esforsu Timor Leste atu sai membru Asean kleur ona, Maibe to’o oras ne’e Timor Leste seidauk sai Membru Asean tan hare husi parte intelektual timor oan sira nian kompara ho membru Asean no mos rekursu umanu iha rai laran nebe sei menus.

Tuir Ministru Negosiu Estrajeiru (MNE) Jose Luis Guterres (Lugu) katak, Timor Leste Komesa husi tinan 1974 nebe hahu Fundasaun movimentu Libertasaun Indepensia  Timor leste kuandu hetan independensia hakarak sai Membru Asean durante iha tempu funu mantein nafatin poziasaun nebe mak iha Tiha ona.

“ Ita tama asean laos tama deit maibe ita tenki prepara alterasaun lei nebe mak ita presija halo atu nune ita konforme ho lei asean ninian, ita tama asean ita partisipa asean bele too rihun ida (1000 red) kada tinan, “ dehan MNE Lugu ba STL Iha uma Fukun Parlamentu Nasional hafoin  partisipa iha Seremonia Mensazen ikus deputadu sira ba Eis Prezidente Jose Ramos Horta atu ba Iha Guine Bisau.

Nia hatatan mos katak Kuandu Timor Leste atu sai membru Asean, tenki loke merkadu no rai ba ema tomak nasaun Asean ninian, tan ne’e timor oan presiza preparadu iha area seitor privadu nasional kompete ho empreza sira seluk nebe mai ho Asean. Informasaun kompletu iha STL Jornal no STL Web, edisaun Sesta (1/2). Timotio Gusmão 

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 03:59 AM PST

MSE – MLL - Lusa

Díli, 31 jan (Lusa) - O secretário-geral da Frente Revolucionária do Timor-Leste Independente (Fretilin), Mari Alkatiri, disse hoje à agência Lusa que vai ocupar o seu lugar no parlamento como deputado durante a discussão do Orçamento de Estado para 2013.

"Eu vou ocupar o meu lugar no parlamento. Vou apresentar uma perspetiva diferente daquilo que existe na lei do orçamento", afirmou à Lusa Mari Alkatiri, no final de uma palestra na Universidade Nacional de Timor-Leste.

Segundo o antigo primeiro-ministro timorense, o objetivo da sua presença no parlamento "não é confrontar", mas ajudar a encontrar "soluções mais consentâneas com a atual situação e com as políticas de combate à pobreza".

Das quatro formações políticas representadas no parlamento timorense, a Fretilin é o único partido na oposição.

Nas eleições legislativas do passado 07 de julho, a Fretilin foi o segundo partido mais votado conseguindo obter 25 lugares no parlamento timorense.

As legislativas foram ganhas pelo Conselho Nacional da Reconstrução de Timor-Leste, do primeiro-ministro Xanana Gusmão, que conseguiu eleger 30 deputados e acabou por formar governo com base numa coligação com o Partido Democrático e a Frente Mudança, com oito e dois lugares, respetivamente.

Mari Alkatiri foi eleito como deputados nas últimas legislativas, mas pediu a substituição temporária.

O Orçamento do Estado de Timor-Leste para 2013 está orçado em 1,794 mil milhões de dólares (1,36 mil milhões de euros) e começa a ser discutido na generalidade na segunda-feira.

A discussão na especialidade e votação global vão decorrer entre os dias 07 e 20 de fevereiro.

A proposta de lei do Orçamento Geral do Estado de Timor-Leste para 2013 foi aprovada em Conselho de Ministros em novembro.

O orçamento visa "continuar os programas de sucesso já iniciados pelo anterior Governo e está determinado em transformar Timor-Leste, até 2030, num país de rendimento médio-alto", referiu em comunicado o Governo.

Na proposta, a maior verba, no valor de 891,895 milhões de dólares, destina-se para Capital de Desenvolvimento.

Daquela verba, 752,877 milhões de dólares estão afetos ao Fundo das Infraestruturas.

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 03:55 AM PST

MSE-VM – VM - Lusa

Díli, 31 jan (Lusa) -- O ministro da Educação de Timor-Leste, Bendito Freitas, anunciou hoje que o Governo vai começar ainda este ano a mapear as escolas do país e o número de alunos inscritos para iniciar ações de renovação nos estabelecimentos de ensino.

"Queremos fazer um levantamento de dados em todo o território para descobrir quantas escolas, quantas salas de aulas, quantas casas de banho, bibliotecas, professores, cadeiras e mesas são precisas para desenvolver o sistema educativo", disse.

Para Bendito Freitas, só assim será possível dar uma resposta a todas as necessidades no sistema de ensino e Timor-Leste "competir de igual para igual a nível regional e internacional".

O ministro falava no primeiro diálogo "Ação Conjunta para a Educação em Timor-Leste", que teve como principal objetivo estabelecer compromissos para melhorar o setor do país através do envolvimento de todos os intervenientes.

"A educação é um sistema complexo e agora é tempo de redefinir a nossa aproximação às metodologias de ensino, estabelecer uma coordenação integrada com os vários intervenientes da sociedade para consolidar esta estrutura e haver uma atitude de maior responsabilidade", disse.

Segundo Bendito Freitas, nas visitas que efetuou a escolas de todo o país registou uma "proliferação descoordenada de intervenções na educação que não estão alinhadas com as prioridades definidas para o setor".

Para o ministro, a educação é "decisiva para o desenvolvimento do país" e "um assunto de interesse nacional que ultrapassa qualquer divisão ou barreira política, religiosa ou de qualquer outra ordem".

Timor-Leste tem cerca de 1.300 escolas e 352 mil alunos no ensino básico, segundo números avançados pelo ministro.

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 03:45 AM PST

… Prosesu Negosiasaun

Suara Timor Lorosae- Posting Husi: Josefa Parada

DILI - Area Fronteira entre Timor Leste ho Indoensia iha Memu Sub Distrito Maliana Distritu Bobonaro, Governu Nasaun Rua ne’e rejolve ona hein deit atu halo asina akordu, maibe area Fronteira iha Pasabe no Naktuka Distritu Oe-Cusse oras ne’e sei iha prosesu negosiasaun.

Informasaun ne’e fo sai husi Ministru Negosiu Estranjeiru Jose Luis Guteres katak, kestaun fronteira nasaun balun hetan independensia tinan barak ona, maibe sira nia fronteira ho nasaun vizinu seidauk konsege rejolve iha akordu.

“Negosiasun area fronteira ita rejolve ona hein atu halo hasina akordu no iha tempu besik ami nian rua ministeru negosiu estrajeiru Indonesia atu asina akordu dokumentu provijoriu lina fronteira husi batugade too iha Suai it abele dehan akordu iha tiha ona, tamba Memo ita akordu tiha ona agora hela deit Pasade ho naktuka,” dehan Jose Luis ba STL Kinta (31/01) iha Parlamentu Nasional.

Nia hatutan, iha area fronteira pasabe no Naktuka oras ne’e sei iha prosesu negoasaun nia laran no sei diskuti nafatin no importante liu durante iha prosesu negosiasaun ba Timor Leste mak defini interese nasional Timor ninian. Informasaun kompletu iha STL Jornal no STL Web, edisaun Sesta (1/2). Timotio Gusmão

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 03:35 AM PST

Suara Timor Lorosae - Posting Husi: Josefa Parada

DILI - Ministeru Negosiu Estranjeiru no Koperasaun (MNEK), Jose Luis Guterres hatete katak, Timor Leste (TL), atu tama ASEAN presiza reforsa Seitor Privadu Nasional, no hadia Rekursu Umanu.

“Adeasaun laos depende ba ita, prosesu atu tama ASEAN ne’e hahu kedas iha 1974, plataforma relasaun internasional ne’e hatete kedas atu tama iha ASEAN, iha tempu funu mos ita deklara bebeik, hakarak tama iha ASEAN, agora iha ukun an mos,” hatete MNEK, Jose Luis Guterres ba Jurnalsita iha Palacio Governu, Kinta (31/1).

Nia informa tan katak, kona ba prosesu tama ASEAN, ida ne’e depende mos ba iha pais ASEAN, sira nia regras, tenke prepara rekursu umanu, seitor privadu nasional tenke forte, maibe meus ida ne’e maka TL seidauk prense.  

Nia konsidera katak durante Seitor Privadu sira sei hasoru defikuldade, inklui mos atu halo obras ne’ebe dalaruma kiikoan hela. Iha balun halo kapas ona, maibe dalaruma laiha meius, laiha kreditu banku ba sira, buat barak maka defisil ba sira, no karun ba sira. Informasaun kompletu iha STL Jornal no STL Web, edisaun Sesta (1/2). Oscar Salsinha

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 02:50 AM PST

Suara Timor Lorosae - Posting Husi: Josefa Parada

DILI - Xefi estadu Maior Jeneral, F-FDTL, Maijor Jeneral, Lere Anan Timor husu ba governu atu toma desizaun lalais ba iha membru CPD-RDTL ne’ebe prezensa iha Fatuberliu, Same.

“Ami nia membru oras ne’e dadauk halo Exersisiu dadauk iha ne’e, no ami hakarak apoiu desizaun Governu, ne’eduni governu atu halo lalais medidas ruma ba iha sira, ” hatete Maijen Lere Anan Timor ba Jurnalista, iha Palacio Governu, bainhira informa situasaun rai laran ba iha PM Xanana, Kinta (31/1).  

Nia informa tan katak, membru F-FDTL prolonga tan ninia mandate exersisiu iha Fatuberliu to 15 Febreiru bazea ba desizaun governu nian.

Estadu ou governu ida ne’e kria kondisaun hodi nune’e membru CPD-RDTL iha fatin ne’ebe refere atu labele lao tu’un sae, tanba sira nia natar ne’ebe sira halo bele fo benefiu, ida ne’e maka principal.

Ho prezensa CPD-RDTL iha Fatuberliu mos laos ema seluk, mesak timor oan deit, ne’eduni aoinsa atu labele hal buat ruma ba sira. Informasaun kompletu iha STL Jornal no STL Web, edisaun Sesta (1/2). Oscar Salsinha

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 02:46 AM PST

Suara Timor Lorosae - Posting Husi: Josefa Parada

DILI - Reprezentante Povu iha uma Fukun Parlamentu Nasional (PN) tuir Planu Sei depate Orsamentu geral Estadu 2013 Semana oin, tama Debate Orsamentu Geral nee’e Sekrariu Zeral Partidu Fretelin Mari Alkatiri sei tama iha PN Hanesan deputadu hodi halo diskusaun orsamentu nebe mak governu hatama ba PN. 
Sekretariu Jeral partidu Fretelin Mari Alkatiri Fo sai Informasaun ne’e hafoin partisipa iha seminariu Universidade national Timor Lorosae (UNTL) ho Tema o Futuro da Nacao e Construido com na Historia de em povu iha Salaun Auditorio Liciu.

“Debate orsamentu hein ba hau sei ba tur iha hau nia fatin, iha debate ida nee’e (OGE Red) liu iha debate Generalidade hau sei tur iha neba, tamba hau hanoin tempu ona ita fo kontribunasaun pojitiva,” dehan Alkatiri ba Jornalista Kinta (31/01) iha Liceu UNTL.

Nia hatutan katak, too ona tempu Timor oan atu fo kontribunsaun nebe pozitiva maibe depende ba governu atu simu ou lae maibe obrigasaun no dever hanesan timor oan sei tur iha Parlamentu hanesan deputadu hodi fo kontribasaun. Informasaun kompletu iha STL Jornal no STL Web, edisaun Sesta (1/2). Timotio Gusmão

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